Anthony Ascham or Askham (fl. 1553), was an English astrologer.

He was born at Kirby Wiske, near Northallerton, Yorkshire, the third son of John Ascham (d. 1544) of Kirby Wiske, who was a yeoman farmer and steward to Lord Scrope of Bolton, and his wife, Margaret Ascham studied at Cambridge, became M.B. in 1540, and in 1553 was presented by Edward VI to the vicarage of Burneston, Yorkshire. He is probably to be identified with Anthony, the brother of Roger Ascham (cf. Grant's Vita Axchami in Ascham's Works, ed. Giles).

Leonell C Strong proposed him as the author of the Voynich Manuscript - though it has been dated to about a century earlier.

The Wikipedia page, which lists his works, is [1]. The Dictionary of National Biography article, on Wikisource, is [2] - it gives his dates as c. 1517–1559. The Wikipedia page on his 17th century politician namesake is [3].

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