Antipodes is a public artwork by American sculptor Jim Sanborn located outside of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden [1] in Washington, DC, United States.

This sculpture consists of two copper curved pieces attached to a piece of petrified wood by steel bands. The "scrolls" have letters punched into them, one piece is in English and the other piece is "coded" in Cyrillic.

This sculpture was inspired by Sanborn's "Kryptos" installation. The two texts refer to CIA and KGB covert operations. The English side of the sculpture repeats the text seen on "Kryptos". The "Kryptos" code is in four parts, three have been solved. However, select differences do exist between the text seen on "Antipodes" versus "Kryptos" such as spacing, additional dots and letters.

The Cyrillic side has a large amount of text from another of Sanborn's pieces, "Cyrillic Projector", as well as additional text; all of the Cyrillic text has since been solved.

More information on the Wikipedia page [2]

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