The Bible of Queen Sophia (or Queen Sophia's Bible, Polish: Biblia królowej Zofii, also Sárospatak Bible, Biblia Szaroszp(a)otacka) is the oldest surviving translation of the Old Testament into the Polish language and the first complete translation of the Bible into Polish. The work is seen as a significant milestone in the history of the Polish language, and the most extensive example of the medieval Old Polish language

A copy of the bible was held by the library at Sárospatak in Hungary from at least 1708; hence the other name for this book. The bible was composed of two parchment folios[6] numbering 470 pages in total. Only 185 pages of the first folio survived to the 19th century, as the second had been destroyed to provide bindings for other books. The first volume was also lost (presumed destroyed) during World War I, but Ludwik Bernacki published a facsimile edition in 1930. Several pages were recovered during the interwar period but most were lost during World War II. Today only two and a half pages remain: two at the University of Wrocław and half a page at the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague.

The text of the bible is known through reproductions. The first complete printed edition of the work was in 1871, through the effort of Antoni Małecki.

More information on the English Wikipedia page [1], with a bibliography on the Polish Wikipedia page [2].

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