This page is for describing the particular conventions and intent of the wiki - though 'normal wiki rules and conventions apply.'

It has a wider remit than the other Voynich wikis [1] and [2]- any documents and texts which have 'a strange past' or which are puzzling in some respect can be considered.

  • Original research, suitably referenced is allowed.
  • Critique rather than criticise.
  • Wikipedia's 'No original research' does not apply - but statements and material made should be backed up with suitable references.
  • For convenience 'VM' can be used after the first reference to Voynich Manuscript.
  • The coverage of the wiki is the Voynich Manuscript in particular and 'texts of obscure origin' in general.
  • Links to other websites and wikis are welcome - but will be checked for suitability.

Any discussions and suggestions on the talk page.

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