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Sir Edward Kelley or Kelly, also known as Edward Talbot (August 1, 1555 – November 1, 1597), was an ambiguous figure in English Renaissance occultism and self-declared spirit medium who worked with John Dee in his magical investigations. Besides the professed ability to summon spirits or angels on a crystal ball, which John Dee so valued, Kelley also claimed to possess the secret of transmuting base metals into gold.

Legends began to surround Kelley shortly after his death. His flamboyant biography, and his relative notoriety among English-speaking historians (chiefly because of his association with Dee) may have made him the source for the folklorical image of the alchemist-charlatan.

Involved in the development of the Enochian language, and possibly linked to the selling of the Voynich Manuscript to Rudolf II. (The VM has been dated to more than a century before his lifetime.)

A full biography can be found on Wikipedia [1] - which includes listings of fiction etc in which he appears, and some detail can be found at [2] and [3].

See also Book of Soyga.

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