From the Wikipedia page on Barrett, Minnesota, USA [1].

In August 1949, the nearest local newspaper to Barrett, the Elbow Lake Herald, reported that, some five years earlier, local farmer Victor Setterlund had found on his land, near Barrett Lake, a heart-shaped stone weighing about 75 lbs (34 kg), bearing a runic inscription. Translated, the runic message was "Year ????. Four maidens camped on this hill." Hjalmar Holand, principal promoter of the Kensington Runestone (found not far to the south-east of Barrett in 1898) interpreted the year symbols as 1362, the same as the Kensington stone, but debunker Johan Holvik thought they should be read as 1776. The two experts did agree that the stone seemed to be a hoax. When Holvik revisited the area and asked Setterlund what the year symbols were meant to represent, the farmer confessed that he had indeed carved the stone himself, using a list of runes in a textbook, and intended the date 1876, adding "It sure doesn't take much to put some people on if they want to believe you bad enough."

See also AVM Runestone

The Barrett website is [2].

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