Ethel Lilian Voynich, née Boole (May 11, 1864–July 27, 1960) was an Irish novelist and musician, and a supporter of several revolutionary causes. She is best known for the novel 'The Gadfly' (Wikipedia page [1] refers: the book can be found on the Project Gutenberg website as [2]).

She was born in Cork. Her father was George Boole [3], the mathematician, her mother, born Mary Everest [4] - niece of George Everest [5] after whom the mountain is named - and she was married to Wilfrid Voynich in 1902, having lived with him for a number of years and changed her name to Voynich.

Following Wilfrid's death she owned the Voynich Manuscript for many years, leaving it to her long term friend Anne Nill.

Friends of Ethel Lilian VoynichEdit

  • Sydney Reilly - with whom she travelled to Italy. Wikipedia page [6].
  • Errico Malatesta [7] - a possible inspiration for ELV's novel The Gadfly.

The Wikipedia page is [8].

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