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The European Voynich Alphabet, or EVA was created by René Zandbergen and Gabriel Landini in 1998 as a system to transcribe the various graphemes ("letters") which make up the text of the Voynich Manuscript into Roman characters.

With EVA, every Voynich sign is represented by a roughly similar-looking letter of the Latin alphabet.

The English language Wikipedia page on the subject [1] was deleted in October 2013, but the equivalent pages in French [2], Latin [3], Portuguese [4], Spanish [5], Russian [6] and Ukrainian [7] remain. The Hungarian page [8] is a stub, and details of the EVA forms a component of the German Wikipedia page on the Voynich Manuscript [9]. The French and Spanish pages are the most extensive.

An article by Zandbergen on the EVA can be found here [10]; the page on the EVA itself is [11]. The WayBack Machine page is [

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