This page has been created to avoid repeated changes to the main page.

As with all wikis most or all articles can be developed further, and new articles on related topics are welcome.

The following are being given particular emphasis.

  • Adding external links and references.
  • Adding images to pages.
  • Creating pages equivalent to the background notes pages on the other Voynich Wiki - such as [1] and [2] for other areas.
  • Deciding upon a logo
  • Developing the pages to put the objects and texts into context/give details of construction.
  • Extending the range of topics appropriate to this wiki.
  • Reorganising the categories.

More flexibility in original research and opinion is allowed than with Wikipedia (though the usual wiki conventions apply) - but sufficient references and other material should be included and the entries should be written to a suitable standard.

If it is felt more appropriate, add a link to a relevant external article or a website, and provide a brief summary here. Such links will be checked.

Emphasis should be on providing a critique of a text, program or viewpoint, rather than criticism.

Further possibilities can be discussed on the talk page.

See also Conventions in this wiki