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Introduced to the problem of the Voynich Manuscript by John Tiltman in 1975, and in the following year she wrote a monograph, summarising all recorded work about the VM.

Her writings include - 'The Voynich Manuscript: An Elegant Enigma' (1978, reprinted 1980, by Aegean Park Press (regarded as the standard work on the subject, and which can be downloaded here [1]) and 'The Voynich Manuscript: A Scholarly Mystery' (published in "Manuscripts", 1977 and 1978) and 'An Application of Cluster Analysis and Multiple Scaling to the Question of "Hands" and "Languages" in the Voynich Manuscript', published 1992.

Associated with John Tiltman and Prescott Currier

The Spanish Wikipedia page on her is [2] and the somewhat shorter English Wikipedia page at [3].

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