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Dates 24 February 1877-27 June 1952.

Roland Grubb Kent was the founder of the Linguistic Society of America (Wikipedia page [3]). He was the first to translate Varro's De Lingua Latina into English (see [4]). His 1903 doctoral thesis on the history of Thessaly traces the history of the country with particular attention to the times between 600 and 300 BC. Unfortunately, only Chapter V and two appendices were published, and the bulk of his dissertation, according to the University of Philadelphia, is currently lost. His Old Persian: Grammar, Texts, Lexicon is one of the seminal works on the subject.

He published William Romaine Newbold's book.

Roland was one of the founding fathers of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), and from the beginning in 1924 to 1940 he was its secretary-treasurer, before he was elected as president of the LSA for the year 1941

A list of books can be found on Library Thing here [5] as well as on the Wikipedia page.

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