Sammelband (pl. Sammelbände), or sometimes nonce-volume, is a book comprising a number of separately printed works that are subsequently bound together.

William Caxton appeared to follow the established manuscript tradition of producing booklets or fascicles of individual works or groups of works that would later be bought together for a patron or buyer.

Generally, the creation of sammelbände can have various effects on the readership of texts. It offers people a larger framework for the understanding of texts within the volumes; these volumes also used prologues and epilogues in order to provide a further framework for readership. These explanatory additions and the use of advertisements, such as Caxton’s “new and improved edition” of The Canterbury Tales shows the movement away from privileged, aristocratic readership towards the readership of the middle class, solidifying printing as a business and a social progression.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1].

See also Commonplace book and Silva rerum.

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