Secrets of the Alchemist Dar is a book written by Michael Stadther and published in September 2006 by the author's company, Treasure Trove, Inc. The book's story is about fairies and other imaginary creatures. The book includes hidden puzzles for an armchair treasure hunt, the prizes for the treasure hunt consist of 100 rings, valued at over 2 million dollars. The book is a sequel to A Treasure's Trove (ATT), another armchair treasure hunt and contains the same characters although the author has stated at book signings that the two books are not connected puzzle-wise.

In 2007, Treasure Trove, Inc. was put into bankruptcy because of a dispute with its distributor, Simon and Schuster.

The author's website (defunct as of November 2007) included an official rules document and a forum. In the first year over 12,000 users registered for the hunt.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1]

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