Fr Theodore C Petersen, 1883-1966.

Member of the Catholic University of America, assistant to Professor Henri Hyvernat. In 1931 he made a complete photocopy of the photostats of the Voynich Manuscript presented to Hyvernat by Ethel Lilian Voynich, completing it in 1944, adding a commentary. Copies of this 1931 copy were presented to William Frederick Friedman, John Tiltman, Prescott Currier, Mary D'Imperio and others.

Author of 'Notes to Mr. Tiltman's (1951) Observations on the Voynich Cipher MS', completed 1955, but unpublished.

After his death all his papers on the VM were passed to William Frederick Friedman

Curiously from the original photocopies of Petersen (1931) new copies were taken, which were the "originals" (actually copies of copies) with which Friedman, Tiltman, Krischer, Prescott Currier or D 'Imperio worked among others.

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