The Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós (Treasure of Sânnicolau Mare) is an important hoard of 23 early medieval gold vessels, in total weighing 9.945 kg (about 22 lbs), found in 1799 near the town then known as Nagyszentmiklós or Groß-Sankt-Niklaus (Romanian: Sânnicolau Mare) in northern Banat (then part of the Torontál County within the Kingdom of Hungary in the Habsburg Empire, today in Timiş County in western Romania, near the border with Hungary). After the excavation, the treasure was transferred to Vienna, the capital of the empire. Ever since, it has been in the possession of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, where it is on permanent display.

On one of the vessels in the hoard there is an inscription written in the Greek alphabet , the Buyla inscription.

More information on the English Wikipedia page [1] - with some of the other language WP pages giving further details.

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