There are #many, many# websites on the Voynich Manuscript of varying degrees of usefulness and repetition. The following is a list of some of the more notable websites and pages: due to the range of approaches it is unlikely to be ever complete.

The following are some of the useful websites: feel free to develop the list. If any cease note here rather than deleting the entry - so the article remains a historical record.

Entries checked 20 April 2015.

  • The proposition that the Manuscript is a 'false book' created to look like it came from Francis Bacon's New Atlantis [8] - the dating of the manuscript is against this.
  • Languedoc Mysteries website page [9]
  • Museum of Hoaxes [10]
  • P Han's theory, from 2010 [11]
  • The Meta-religion website article [12]
  • A New Yorker article is here [13]
  • The Plos One article is here [14].
  • A BBC news article on the journal Plos One study is here [15].
  • Edith Sherwood's website [16]
  • Slides from a presentation [17]
  • John Baez' article from 2005, with links to a number of other websites, is [18]
  • 'The top 10 theories' [19]
  • The CSI webpage on the VM, from January/February 2011, is here[20]
  • Voynich Manuscript Cipher [21]
  • World Mysteries website [22]
  • Voynich Thoughts [23]
  • An article in Tablet Magazine [24]
  • An article on Crystalinks [25]
  • A website on Wordpress [26]
  • A number of videos can be found here [27]
  • An article by Sravana Reddy and Kevin Knight [28].
  • The Wikibooks page on Voynich Manuscript jargon is [29]
  • The Oldcivilizations's Blog (in Spanish) is [30]
  • The VM rosettes can be seen in 3D here [31].
  • What We Know About The Voynich Manuscript [32] (pdf).
  • An article in Spanish here [33]
  • Voynich Ninja website [34]

See also Useful websites and materials, and, on the other VM wiki, Voynich Manuscript in the Wikiverse [35]

This article and the equivalent pages on the other Voynich website [36] should be updated together

There are also a number of entries on Youtube and other sites.

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